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DivX web player is not W3C compatible, & that's sad cool

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This issue was resolved a few months after I made this webpage by the release of the DivX web player version 1.1.
Thanks to the DivX team for having fixed it.
OK, I think you all know about the W3C validator test. Some of us despite it, some of us don't put any code in their pages that isn't validated by it. It's a huge debate.
Considering embedded videos, it's quite hard to have some valid code. Three main methods are known:
Method n° 1 2 3
Name ActiveX all browsers valid
tag used object + classid embed object
w3c valid OK no OK
On the web, the most common code is a mixture between the first & the second method (as the DivX Web Player code generator does).
Here is what the W3C says: Generic inclusion: the OBJECT element (HTML 4.01 Specification - W3C Recommendation 24 December 1999) & Inserting objects into HTML (W3C Working Draft 18-Feb-1997)
OK, let's also provide some sample. I want to play some Windows Media Audio sound (*.wma). By default, on many browsers running on Windows, it will be played by the Windows Media Player plug-in. Check the about:plugins page of your browser to see.
on Firefox: Firefox - about:plugins WMA
on Opera: Opera - about:plugins WMA
Method n° 1 2 3
OK. So here, we have found a method (the method 3) that is both valid & works on our three browsers.
I've noticed that both solutions 2 & 3 don't seem to work in a particular case (the Windows Media Player 6.4 control + Internet Explorer 6 case). To correct this problem, give the hand to a more recent version of the Windows Media Player control (like 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11), or use another browser (the Windows Media Player 6.4 control + Firefox work). Most of the time, if the system registry wasn't intentionnaly modified, the Windows Media Player 6.4 control is not set by default on Windows XP.
We don't really want ActiveX (altough it seems valid), because we don't want a Windows&IE-linked code. As the method 3 is working on Windows Media Audio files, it should work on DivX files, right?
Let's check the associations again.
on Firefox: Firefox - about:plugins DivX
on Opera: Opera - about:plugins DivX
OK, so let's try the valid method (method 3).
It doesn't work for Firefox & Opera.
So, is it a bug from Firefox & Opera, or is it a bug in the DivX Web Player?
I just think it's a shame the DivX Web Player isn't W3C compatible.
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Note: I know I'm not talking of all versions of the browsers I quote, I know I'm not talking about Mac OS. I know my code can be modified or merged with some other code. I know you can trick the validator with JavaScript. I just think there is a clean code method that is supposed to work, & isn't.
Test done on Linux Mandriva One (LiveCD) 2007 Mona (RC1) with Konqueror 3.5.4 & Kaffeine 0.8.1. This method might not work for all WMA types on Linux, depending on the codec used in the WMA file. But it prooves that the HTML code works, & that's what I was looking for.
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