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aibo W/BO project - Wi-Fi over AIBO aibo the dog (black ERS-7)

Gilles RÉANT (contact)
2006 Final Year project
4ICT9 Mobile Communications
Tutor: Meriel Huggard
Trinity College of Dublin

Presentation: Thursday 6th April, 14:00, O'Reilly Institute F10 (see the map)
1st reader: Meriel Huggard
2nd reader: Dr. David Abrahamson
Report due to: Thursday 4th May, 14:00
Goal: the W/BO is connected to a network (Wi-Fi 802.11b infrastructure), & has to find the origin (the access point).
Thanks to: Jean-Christophe Baillie, Arkaitz Bitorika, Shiu Lun Tsang, Meriel Huggard, Richard Pollock, Mathieu Robin, Kathryn Farquhar

Slides of the presentation:
Source code:
If you liked my work, you definitely have to read Dominic Hugh Jones M.Sc. in Computer Science degree's dissertation. In spite of not having had the time to read it completely, I think it points out very interested things. I wish I had the time to write a few comments on its conclusions.

Implementing Location Based Reasoning into the Software of the AIBO Robot, Using Existing 802.11 Technology as the Source of Direction and Location:

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