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Christmas project
OpenGL part Result GLUT librairy installed, first operations of movement coded. Almost nothing since christmas.
Problems encountered I couldn't run my basic OpenGL code on my Visual Studio 2005 because of the GLUT libraries. Solved.
Unfortunatly, I didn't make enough backups of this parts, and a modification I made made my scene completly unreadable, so I had to start again from the beggining.
My work wasn't enough complete, the result isn't worth seeing...
New work I decided to restart my work on OpenGL from scratch.
23/02/2006: re-installed the libraries from http://www.xmission.com/~nate/glut.html. I still work on Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (I have a valid licence from my home university).
I started with the Lab4 (of November 10th). I started making an object that allowed changing the background color (the idea was to make an object that would be reusable for next projects).
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3dsmax part
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File: 8 seconds @ 30 fps
Download the result: 813 KB, DivXfile (6.1.1 pro, full quality & full compression, 2006), 720x450 pixels (chosen because of the 16/10e ratio, and because the software wouldn't accept to make more)
Download the result in AVI (Windows Media Video 9, one pass quality VBR, 2003): 1.43 MB, 1440x900
Download the result for PSP: direct file (240 KB) or zipped file with thumbnail (246 KB) (368x208, 240KB, AVC/H.264@192kbps, empty AAC mono track @ 32kbps track), firmware 2.0 & + only (because of the AVC/H.264 format), thumbnail 160x120 JPEG; the video seems to have some problems with the new Quicktime 7.1 (although everything worked perfectly with Quicktime 7.0.x). To solve this problem, go to Window → Show A/V Controls → Video → Tint → move the cursor very slightly to the right or left.
Download the source: 218 KB
All the objects are mine, that is to say the text, the Santa's hat, and the house. I didn't import anything from the web.
Problems encountered I started with a weird orientation, so everytime I had to move my scene, the default draggers were uneasy to use. I already had scripted the movement of many objects, so that a rotation would have messed everything (I have tested). Si I had to keep this orientation... :(
The B letter in the 4BA6 text has weird artefacts in the intersection of the right curves. I think it might be a bug from 3dsmax.
I used to use a Omnidirectional Light. I changed it to use a Free Spot; it has divided the render time by probably at least 10.
I made a Santa hat, which I wanted to import into my main scene (or what is supposed to be my main scene for now...). So I exported the hat in 3DS format (File->Export...), & imported it from my main scene => the colors informations are lost.
=> I had to do a merge with the .max file (File->Merge...).
innumerable problems with the DivX codec and both render algorithms (Quick render: Animation->Make Preview... & Full quality render: Rendering->Render...), such as: stopping & restarting 3dsmax is often necessary to make the preview possible again (reboot is even sometimes necessary); the full quality render won't work over a resolution of 720x450 pixels; ... (in spite of me working with the very latest version of the codec (6.1.1 pro)). The problem was that sometimes an error message poped-up, & sometimes no error was shown, and I had to wait for the full render to see a corrupt 64 KB file instead of the final video. It made me loose a lot of time...
I wanted to render the file in full resolution (1440x900) with another coded (like Cinepak Codec by Radius), and then convert it into DivX using the brand new Dr. DivX 2 Open Source, but it still doesn't work for an unknown reason. I should perhaps take a look at the convertion logs, and change the settings (I've chosen the highest ones like 2 pass-encoding and insane quality). With a pre-made profile, I manage to make a 1152x720 (16/10e), but the encoder adds weird effects (some artefacts, quite usual for this kind of encoder) at the keyframes; the video has some problems, so better keeping my first idea.
I made a comparison beween the Cinepak Codec by Radius (v1.10.0.11, highest quality, keyframe rate = 15, 1995, 13,7 MB), Intel Indeo video 5.10 (highest quality, keyframe rate = 15, default settings, 1998, 7,26 MB) & Windows Media Video 9 VCM (one pass quality VBR, 2003, 1.43 MB ; I didn't manage to do two pass VBR or VBR (peak)). The qualities are really similar, even of the WMV9 video suffers at the decompression of the "refreshing steps" at the top-right corner when some other tasks are done by the processor.
I could have tested other codecs, but these are the ones you always find on all computers. Unfortunately, I didn't find how to compress in H.264 natively (I only could recompress after, with a huge pert of quality due to the recompressing process). I tried a bêta Open Source version of H.264, but without any reason no encoding would work at any resolution. This latest generation of codec would have given the best result for both quality and compression rate for sure...
I've also tried to make a version of the file for the PSP screen (480x272, 30/72 ≈ 16/9), but Sony has made special limitation for being able to send more movies on UMD, so that the bitrate of video files is limited, even if encoded in AVC/H.264. So, I tried to make a nice 368x208 video with 3dsmax, and re-encode it later (as said before, the h.264 codec didn't work). I tried PSP Video 9, Rapiz Video Converter, VEMoDe, PSP Media Studio Demo, Media Coder, SUPER & PSP Movie Creator, only the last one worked and gives a 2" file instead of the full 9" file. I just gave up, all these softwares are badly coded.
PSP Video 9 As the PSP Video 9 forum seems to be helpful, I've asked them for help (see http://www.pspvideo9.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6686). OK, so I have 2 AVI files without sound. Both are 368x208, 30 fps, 24 bits color and 9 seconds of movie.
Finally, here is what happened. Indeo was not compatible with PSP Video 9, and apparently the PSP needs an audio track in every movie file. So I created an empty movie tack, and managed to do my video (making an AviSynth script, see the following posts for more details).
Convert an AVI video without sound
ffmpeg.exe - Application Error
feature suggestion: More explanations about errors
Hardware informations HP Laptop ZD7012laptop HP ZD7012EA (Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, GeForce 5600 Go, 17" WXGA+ 1440x900 pixels screen 16/10e)
working on 3ds max 7
the full quality rendering uses 100% of the processor's power, and almost 100% of the memory
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